Fasting is a natural discipline that can bring supernatural results. The Bible is filled with more than 70 references to fasting.

  • We are fasting as a community because we believe that in order to go higher, we must go deeper. We can gather from scripture that fasting is a spiritual discipline meant for God’s people to experience breakthrough. When we fast, God provides Kingdom revelation and understanding (Daniel 1:12) as well as power in the unity of His people (Esther 4:16). 

  • We also believe fasting is the ultimate surrender by denying your flesh and a fast track to breakthrough. Fasting gives us the power to say, “No” because it teaches us to put our flesh in submission. Fasting is not a matter of can or cannot, but will or will not. We see this most clearly in the life of Jesus. The reason Jesus had full authority is because He took full authority.

  • Denying our flesh causes the spirit realm to shift on our behalf so breakthrough can take place. 

  • Finally, fasting makes God our only option. In making our flesh weak, we have to rely on Him as our source of strength. 



  • Water only — purified/filtered; spring or distilled water is best

  • Almond milk, coconut water, coconut kefir & vegetable juice

Vegetables (should form the basis of the diet)

  • Fresh or cooked

  • May be frozen and cooked but not canned

Fruits (consume in moderation 1–3 servings daily)

  • Fresh and cooked

  • Ideally low glycemic index fruits like stone fruits, apples, berries, cherries and citrus fruits

  • May be dried but should not contain sulfites, oils or sweeteners

  • May be frozen but not canned

Whole grains (consume in moderation and ideally sprouted)

  • Brown rice, oats quinoa, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, barley

Beans & Legumes (consume in moderation)

  • Dried and cooked in water

  • May be consumed from can as long as no salt or other additives are contained and the only ingredients are beans and water

Nuts & Seeds (sprouted are best)

  • Raw, sprouted or dry roasted with no salt added



  • Coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, energy drinks and alcohol

Meat and Animal Products

  • Beef, lamb, pork, poultry and fish

Dairy Products

  • Milk, cheese, cream, butter and eggs


  • Sugar, raw sugar, honey, syrups, molasses and cane juice

Leavened Bread

  • Breads, pasta, crackers, cookies, pastries and baked goods

Refined & Processed Food Products

  • Iodized salt, artificial flavorings, food additives, chemicals, white rice, white flour, and foods that contain artificial preservatives (mints, gum and candy)

Deed Fried Foods

  • Potato chips, french fries and corn chips

Solid Fats

  • Oils, margarine, lard and fatty foods

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