Everyone has value; they are not all the same, but everyone values something.


The Story has several values that help guide us as a church.


1. Authenticity


The world is disingenuous enough. We value being real with each other. We like to say it this way. Real people, living real life, pursuing a real God.


2. Service


We are not a church unless we are a serving church. Jesus served. He even said "I have come to serve, NOT to be served." We serve our own church body as well as our community at large. Service is a value we believe in dearly.  Click here to for serving opportunities.


3. Community


People have become more and more isolated as time goes by. But we were created to live in community with each other. In fact the very first thing that God found in the garden that was "not good" was that Adam was alone. So he created Eve, God created community. We were created, built and wired for it.


4. The Bible


Maybe it seems silly to say we value the Bible; after all, don't all churches? But we just want to make sure we declare it in writing. The Bible is our source of truth, life, and authority. It tells the greatest story ever told. It's the very heartbeat of God written down for all to read. Its words have the power to change lives.  The Bible is a "great read", why not give it a try?  Click here for ideas on where to start.













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Our mission is to help people move from just hearing the story of Jesus Christ to fully living out the gospel of Christ in their every day lives!

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